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New & Used Shipping Containers

Oz Shipping Containers sells and delivers various sizes and types of solid steel shipping containers.
We have access depots in all major Australian capitals including Canberra.
Our shipping containers suit a variety of purposes. They can be modified to serve as storage sheds, man caves, office sites, mobile cafes and much more!
Our 10ft new shipping containers offer roughly the storage capacity of a single-car garage and can even be modified to include locks, windows, doors and more for a new home-office space.
Our new and used shipping containers are cost-effective, versatile and heavy-duty. Our 40ft container is suited for large loads such as bulk grain and large farm machinery transport.

Various Sizes & Configurations

Personalised Service

If you are looking at using a container for shipping, or using your container for storage in a highly visible area, a new container may be suitable for you.
The friendly and helpful team at Oz Shipping Containers provide great advice about how you can best use your selected shipping container.
We’re proud of the integrity, honesty and value we provide to our customers. We care about every customer and always go the extra mile to deliver personalised, friendly service.
Call or email us today to find out more about how we can assist you.

New Shipping Container
40ft 20ft 10ft Shipping Container Sizes

10ft Containers

New & Used

Call or email us about General Purpose, High Cube, Open Top, Flat Rack, Bolsters, refrigerated and Insulated Containers. Not sure which container will suit your needs? We can help!

20ft Containers

New & Used

We sell and deliver used and refurbished 20ft shipping containers. Our used containers undergo inspections to guarantee they are structurally sound and that they do not have any holes.

40ft Containers

New & Used

Our 40ft containers can be used for multiple purposes and are available in a variety of styles such as open top, refrigerated and insulated. Get in touch today to find out how a 40ft container may solve your storage issues.

Huge Variety

Shipping containers are the perfect transport or storage solution. They can also serve a variety of other purposes such as office space, converted accommodation or studio space and much more!

At Oz Shipping Containers in Canberra, we have a wealth of experience in helping residential, commercial and industrial clients from all over Australia with their shipping container needs.
Call or email us about General Purpose, High Cube, Open Top, Flat Rack, Bolsters, refrigerated and Insulated Containers.

Shipping Containers in Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when my shipping container is delivered?

Our licensed container transport drivers are experienced professionals who are also friendly and helpful. They will deliver, offload and set up your container to match your requirements.

What is an insulated shipping container suited for?

Insulated shipping containers are perfect for transporting food, electronics, leather, pharmaceuticals, paper, chemicals and other materials that require minimal internal temperature fluctuations.

Can I transport dangerous goods in a shipping container?

Dangerous goods shipping containers are designed and manufactured to safely transport toxic chemicals and other hazardous materials. These specialty containers must fully comply with all applicable Australian Standards.

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Contact the friendly team at Oz Shipping Containers in Canberra today to find out more about how we can assist you.

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