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Oz Shipping Containers is a family-owned-and-operated business serving all of Australia. We supply and deliver solid steel shipping containers in various sizes and configurations that can be used in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

We offer new and used general purpose, insulated, flat rack, open top, bolster and dangerous goods containers in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft lengths.

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General Purpose

General purpose shipping containers are made from corrosion-resistant steel and are incredibly versatile. They provide cost-effective, maintenance-free solutions for numerous storage and construction projects.


Insulated shipping containers are perfect for transporting food, electronics, leather, pharmaceuticals, paper, chemicals and other materials that require minimal internal temperature fluctuations.


Bolster shipping containers are designed to transport heavy loads. They are a type of flat rack container that is super-strong and heavy-duty. The perfect choices for transporting immense, bulky and awkward loads.

Open Top

Our 10ft, 20ft and 40ft open top shipping containers are the perfect options for hauling bulk grains, large machinery, bulk recyclables and other massive loads. They are open at the top and must be loaded from above with a crane or conveyor.

Flat Racks

Flat rack shipping containers are constructed with solid corrosion-resistant steel. They are designed to handle extra-heavy loads and can be loaded from above or the side.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods shipping containers are designed and manufactured to safely transport toxic chemicals and other hazardous materials. These specialty containers must fully comply with all applicable Australian Standards.

Container Shelters

Shipping container shelters are highly customisable, cost-effective solutions for people who want to construct temporary office sites, mobile cafes, cabins, tool sheds and other structures that can be relocated quickly and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bolster shipping container?

Answer: A bolster shipping container is a specialised type of flat-rack container. It is not as wide at the base as a standard flat rack and it has no end walls. Bolsters are commonly used for transporting heavy machinery and other massive items that don’t need protection from the weather.

What is the original purpose of shipping containers?
Answer: Steel shipping containers were first used to enhance the efficiency of operations within the transportation and shipping industries. However, today, these highly durable containers are used for everything from constructing underground living quarters and mobile cafes, to temporary office sites and solar-powered gardening spaces.
What are 10ft shipping containers used for?

Answer: Our 10ft shipping containers can be used for numerous purposes. They provide weather-tight, thief-proof security for lawn mowers, bicycles, tools, garden and pool equipment, seasonal items and more. They are constructed with corrosion-resistant steel and provide maintenance-free storage for decades.