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Container ready for shipment - Young

Need a shipping container? You’ve come to the right place. At Oz Shipping Containers, we sell and deliver new/used shipping containers to homes and businesses throughout Young—from Young Airport to Back Creek Road

Container ready for shipment - Young

Our selection includes:

  • Bolster shipping containers
  • Shipping container shelters
  • Flat-rack shipping containers
  • Modified shipping containers
  • Insulated shipping containers
  • Open-top shipping containers
  • Refrigerated shipping containers
  • General purpose shipping containers
  • Dangerous goods shipping containers

Whether you need a container for storage or freight, storage or accommodation, we’ve got one to suit at a competitive price.

Ready to get started? Talk to us today on 1300 422 668 for a quote.

Freight Transport Benefits

Making container ready for transporting - Oz Shipping Containers in Young

Transporting freight in shipping containers offers numerous advantages. Firstly, containers provide a standardised and secure method for transporting goods, ensuring their protection during transit. Containers can be easily loaded and unloaded from trucks, trains and ships, streamlining logistics. They allow for efficient use of space with the ability to stack containers vertically. The durability of shipping containers enables them to withstand harsh conditions during transportation, safeguarding the cargo inside. Containers also simplify the handling and tracking of freight, facilitating efficient supply chain management.

Overall, transporting freight in shipping containers offers convenience, security, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the global logistics industry.

Making container ready for transporting - Oz Shipping Containers in Young
New Shipping Container
40ft 20ft 10ft Shipping Container Sizes


We sell and deliver new and used shipping containers throughout Young. Click here to see our prices.


Our shipping containers come in 10, 20 and 40ft. We deliver them to homes and businesses in Young.

New Containers

We sell and deliver new shipping containers in various sizes to residential, commercial and industrial properties in Young.

Used Containers

Looking for a cost-effective shipping container? Our used containers are the solution. Servicing Young.

Container Types

We sell a wide range of shipping container types, suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications in Young.


Our container shelters are suitable as site offices, first aid facilities and more. Servicing Young and surrounds.

Freight Moves

We provide residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout Young with cost-effective freight moving services.

Shipping Container Benefits

Container with company name on it ready for shipment - Oz Shipping Containers in Young

Shipping containers offer a wide range of benefits across various industries. Firstly, they provide a standardised and secure method for transporting goods globally, ensuring the safe delivery of cargo. Their durable and weather-resistant construction protects goods from harsh environmental conditions. Shipping containers are cost-effective, as they can be easily transported by multiple modes of transportation and stacked for efficient use of space. Their modular design allows for easy customisation and repurposing, making them versatile for various applications like storage, offices or even housing. Furthermore, shipping containers promote sustainability by reducing the need for traditional construction materials and facilitating recycling.

Overall, shipping containers provide convenience, security, cost-effectiveness, versatility and environmental friendliness.

Container with company name on it ready for shipment - Oz Shipping Containers in Young

Frequently Asked Questions

Are shipping containers waterproof?

Shipping containers are designed to be watertight with tight seals around the doors and welded corners. However, older or poorly maintained containers may have some level of water ingress.

Can shipping containers be used for international shipping?

Yes, shipping containers are commonly used for international shipping. They are designed to meet global size, strength and handling standards.

Can shipping containers be stacked?

Shipping containers are designed to be stacked vertically which allows for efficient use of space on cargo ships and during storage.

Are shipping containers environmentally friendly?

Shipping containers can be environmentally friendly because they are reusable, recyclable and contribute to reduced construction waste when repurposed for other uses.

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