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Shipping Containers in Brisbane

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Shipping Containers for Sale Melbourne

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Local Container Delivery

Oz Shipping Containers supplies new & used shipping containers, in a variety of sizes & configurations to Brisbane and various other capital cities and areas around Australia.
Our professional team members have a wealth of experience in assisting residential, commercial and industrial clients find the most suitable shipping container for their needs.
Whether you’re after a 10ft shipping container to store small business equipment, or a 20ft or 40ft container to transform into an office, recording studio, workshop, man cave, we can help find the one to meet your requirements.
Some people are even able to completely transform their shipping container into accommodation, complete with windows, doors, electricity and plumbing.
Whatever your needs, we can help.

Sizes & Configurations

Huge Range

Our solid steel shipping containers come in a variety of sizes and styles.
We offer new and used 10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, container shelters and professional freight moving services throughout Australia.
Our used containers undergo inspections to guarantee they are structurally sound and that they do not have any holes.
Call or email us about General Purpose, High Cube, Open Top, Flat Rack, Bolsters, Refrigerated and Insulated Containers.
We also offer dangerous goods shipping containers.
Not sure which container will suit your needs? Contact our expert team for personalised advice.

Containers On Shipping - Oz Shipping Containers in Australia
New Shipping Container
40ft 20ft 10ft Shipping Container Sizes

Various Sizes

10ft, 20ft, 40ft

These solid-structured containers can be modified in various ways to facilitate individual design requirements. Common modifications include adding windows and doors, air conditioners, electricity and more!

Shelter Sales & Delivery

Multiple Options

Container shelters have numerous possible uses for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Many Australians are choosing shipping containers for constructing mobile shelters used in travelling roadshows, trade shows, concerts, consumer expos and more.

Freight Moving Services

Dedicated Professionals

The team at Oz Shipping Containers provide residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout Australia with cost-effective freight moving services.
Our shipping containers are built-to-last and are weatherproof and reasonably priced.
Justin and his team have extensive experience in the freight moving industry and are fully insured.

Shipping Containers in Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a shipping container be used for?

Shipping containers are resistant to weather, pests and critters. They can last a very long time, anything from 25 years to 50 years depending on weather exposure and its prior use.

How can I relocate a shipping container?

Relocating a shipping container is easy, thanks to Oz Shipping Containers. We can take away all of the stress involved with moving and offer cost-effective organisation, transport and storage solutions. We sell shipping containers and provide speedy delivery throughout Australia.

Do I need council approval to have a shipping container on my property?

 The rules and regulations can vary, depending where you are located. If you are in Brisbane, looking to have a shipping container, check with Brisbane City Council, or your local council for further information.

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Oz Shipping Containers helps residential, commercial, and industrial customers from all over the area with the supply and delivery of new and used shipping containers.

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