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Versatility & Quality

Oz Shipping Containers supplies and delivers a wide range of general-purpose, insulated, open-top, flat-rack, bolster, and dangerous goods containers to residential, commercial and industrial customers all over Australia.
We have access to multiple depots in various capital cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Central Coast, Adelaide, Wollongong, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Canberra and the Gold Coast. We also service numerous communities outside of these metro areas.
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Used shipping container delivery

The delivery of our used shipping containers is cost-effective and straightforward. Our licensed container transport drivers are experienced professionals who are dedicated to achieving superior results on each trip. They are friendly and helpful and will deliver, offload and set up your container to match your requirements.

Call or email us today to discuss your requirements. We can help you determine the best type and size of used shipping container to suit your needs.
Your shipping container will be delivered to your site safely and quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can used shipping containers be used for?

Answer: Because of their superior strength and capacity to be modified to facilitate customised design plans, used shipping containers are often used as:

  • Man caves
  • Art studios
  • Garden sheds
  • Home theatre rooms
  • Band practice studios
  • Guest accommodation
  • Home-based office sites
  • Commercial storage facilities

Used shipping containers have many other purposes, and can be fitted to suit your unique needs.

What are some benefits of used shipping containers?

Answer: Used shipping containers are manufactured with solid corrosion-resistant steel. They are designed to last decades without maintenance.

Other benefits include:

  • Cost-effective storage solutions
  • Weatherproof & pest-proof
  • Easy to relocate if necessary

Our selection of used shipping containers are lockable and can safely store your belongings. These steel shipping containers are nearly indestructible.

Can used shipping containers be modified and upgraded?

Answer: Yes. Solid steel used shipping containers can be modified in numerous ways to accommodate doors, windows, air conditioner units, heaters, hot water tanks, kitchen appliances, telephone service and much more. Your imagination is the limit with these highly versatile and long-lasting containers.