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Shipping containers are excellent options for those wanting to construct mobile or permanent shelters. They are very strong, highly customisable and typically last for decades without any maintenance.

Container shelters have numerous possible uses for residential, commercial and industrial applications, including:

  • Site offices
  • Switch rooms
  • Ablution Blocks
  • First aid Facilities
  • Accommodation chambers

Many Australians are choosing shipping containers for constructing mobile shelters used in travelling roadshows, trade shows, music concerts and consumer expos. The possible uses are unlimited.

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Customisable accessories for shipping containers

New and used shipping containers are available in standard lengths of 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. These solid-structured containers can be modified in various ways to facilitate individual design requirements. Common modifications include adding windows and doors, air conditioners, electricity, telephone and running water.

Call or email the helpful team at Oz Shipping Containers. We can help you to determine the size and type of container that will best suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a shipping container be modified?

Answer: Shipping containers are highly customisable, making them great choices for numerous different uses. Common modifications include the addition of doors, double doors, windows, air conditioning units, electrical fit-outs, kitchens, bathrooms, shelving, hardwood flooring, insulation, wall cladding and Internet service fit-outs.

What are shipping containers used for?

Answer: Australians use shipping containers for numerous purposes. They are incredibly versatile. Modified 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers are perfect mobile shelters for use at trade shows, consumer expos, music festivals, camping trips, off-grid sheltering, indoor vegetable gardens, mobile cafes and much more.


How long is the service life of a shipping container shelter?

Answer: Shipping containers are resistant to weather, pests and critters, and are known to last a very long time.
Moderately-stressed shipping container shelters typically last between 25 – 35 years with no dedicated maintenance required.
Well-maintained, weather-protected container shelters can last 50 years or more.