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Relocation, Transport & Storage

More Australian home and business owners are utilising containers to relocate from one location to another. Oz Shipping Containers can take away all of the stress involved with moving and offer cost-effective organisation, transport and storage solutions.

We sell shipping containers and provide speedy delivery throughout Australia.

Our products include:

  • 10ft  shipping containers (new & used)
  • 20ft shipping containers (new & used)
  • 40ft shipping containers (new & used)

We provide residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout Australia – including Perth, Coffs Harbour and Young with cost-effective freight moving services. All of our shipping containers are built-to-last and are weatherproof and reasonably priced.

Justin and his team have extensive experience in the freight moving industry. We are fully insured, equipped and dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

loading Containers box from Cargo - Oz Shipping Containers in Australia
We are friendly professionals who believe in completing every project with excellence, value and superior customer service. Contact our helpful team today for pricing and further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can shipping containers be modified to fit my needs?

Answer: Yes. Shipping containers are highly adaptable and modifiable to accommodate your unique design needs. You can easily add vents, doors, windows and more to create a space that is attractive and highly durable.

Are shipping containers regulated by Council?
Answer: Every Council is unique and has different regulations concerning shipping containers. Some Councils have no restrictions at all. It is best to call your local Council to find out more about the regulations that may apply to you.
How much room is needed for the delivery truck to position the container?

Answer: Side-loader delivery trucks are about the same size as a semi-trailer. A standard 20ft tilt-tray truck will require at least 15 metres in length to make an accurate delivery. The amount of space needed will depend on the size of the shipping container that you purchase.