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Oz Shipping Container supplies and delivers new shipping containers that have only made the trip from Asia once.

These new containers still smell like fresh paint and are built to last for decades of dependable, maintenance-free service. They are manufactured with solid steel that resists corrosion and keeps pests and insects tightly locked out.

Our new shipping containers are completely customisable. They are often used as office sites, mobile cafes, shelters for roadside sales ventures and party shelters. Many customers add windows, doors, hot water tanks, kitchen appliances or electrical service. There is no limit to what these versatile structures can be used for!

Different New Shipping Containers - Oz Shipping Containers in Australia
Orange New Shipping Containers - Oz Shipping Containers in Australia

New 10-ft shipping containers

Our 10-ft new shipping containers offer roughly the storage capacity of a single-car garage. Modify one with locks, windows, doors and more for a new home-office space!

New 20-ft shipping containers

Our 20-ft new shipping containers are very well suited for use as warehousing space. They are available in general-purpose, insulated, open-top, flat-rack and double-door models to suit your unique needs.

New 40-ft shipping containers

When you need maximum storage or transport capacity, our 40ft new shipping containers are the ideal choice. These are designed to handle the heaviest, bulkiest, most challenging loads.

Call our friendly and helpful team members today for a quote or to ask any questions. We are here to assist you in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a 10-ft new shipping container be used for?

Answer: A new 10ft storage container is a suitable option for families and small businesses that require safe and weatherproof storage. They are commonly used for storing lawn equipment, bicycles, garden equipment and other items.

What can a 20-ft new shipping container be used for?

Answer: A new 20ft shipping container has various uses including transporting scrap metal and storing bulk dried grains, small farm machinery and more.

What can a 40-ft new shipping container be used for?

Answer: Extra-long 40ft new shipping containers are excellent choices for transporting and storing bulky and cumbersome items like heavy machinery, raw materials, excess inventory and industrial equipment.